Water Repellent fabric Non-Wicking Pre-Treatment Fabric for Water and Energy Conservation

The Future of Sustainable Textiles: Non-Wicking Pre-Treatment Fabric for Water and Energy Conservation.
As concerns about water scarcity and energy consumption growth, innovation has emerged - non-wicking pre-treatment fabric.
Let's delve deeper into the advantages of non-wicking pre-treatment fabric and explore its potential to revolutionize water and energy conservation practices.

1. The way that non-wicking treat: Ensure that the non-wicking agent wraps on each yarn the fibers are crisscrossed to achieve multi-directional material protection.

2. Reduced water and energy consumption:The non-wicking agent adds at the front yarn stage, which shortens the product manufacturing process's delivery time and dramatically saves wastewater discharge, energy consumption, and carbon emissions in the post-processing.

3. Improve dyeing and finishing efficiency: Dyeing is uniform and reduces white chalk residue, without the post-addition of chemicals, does not affect the color of the fabric, either not need repeated color correction, which can simplify the dyeing and finishing process.

4. No PFCs perfluorinated compounds: The yarn uses fluorine-free, non-wicking agents, which are environmentally friendly and safe.

5. Durability: The agent is added to the yarn, will not lose its effectiveness after washing, and maintains an excellent anti-siphon effect after 3000 twists and turns.

6. Certificate: Passed Bluesign and ZDHC certification.