About Us

Fone Tai Enterprise Co. Ltd., which was established in 2000, is mainly engaged in the development and production of industrial fabrics, special functional fabrics, and other textile products. Fone Tai upholds the spirit of “superior ability comes from hard work”, insisting on all things and working together to overcome the technical challenges of cross-file, and actively establishing friendly relations with customers. In just a few years, it has created a reputation for high customer satisfaction and the best quality assurance.

Product Category

Circular Economy, energy-saving, and carbon reduction have been the only way to pursue sustainable development. Fone Tai has been working on protecting the earth. We participate in activities that are involved with environmental issues, research recyclable materials, and have successfully developed high-quality sustainable fabric like fishing net recycle yarn.

Fone Tai offers various types of fabrics, which are applicable to any specific functions and can provide effective ability for customer needs.

If you have any ideas/needs on designing, please do not hesitate to discuss with us, we will make you a perfect fabric.

Technology & Manufacturing Process

During the product development and design phase, Fone Tai utilizes filament fiber (polyester fiber), staple fiber (artificial & natural fiber), blends of filament and staple fiber (interwoven), and other special yarns of particular functions in many different applications. In the weaving and pattern furnishing process, Fone Tai uses water-jet loom, air-jet loom, Rapier loom, Jacquard/ Dobby looms for its manufacturing operations. Therefore, Fone Tai can offer clients a wide variety of product designs to suit individual needs.