In 2000, Fone Tai Enterprise held the spirit of “superior ability comes from hardware working” and insisted on doing everything in its own hands. In just a few years, it took practical actions to overcome cross-field challenges and set up high customer satisfaction and fine quality assurance reputation.

From research and development, proofing, dyeing and finishing to post-processing, we insist on quality and strictly control every process. At present, we have won the favors and supports from many world-renowned brands.

In addition to shoe materials, bags, and industrial fabrics, we also provide professional medical fabrics and special function fabrics. Customized development and quality assurance have made us world-class competitive and have become our most powerful promoter. Push Fone Tai Enterprise to the world's cutting edge.

"Diligence, kindness, honesty, trust, and profession" have brought us here, and we held the spirit as our strict self-discipline. We expect Fone Tai Enterprise to become a world-class company with sustainable operation and contribute to the society.


  • As early as in 1998s of the 20th century, Fone Tai Enterprise has engaged in sales and dyeing and finishing business of a variety of cloth products and located in Taichung for many years.
  • In 2000, it was registered as Fone Tai Enterprise Co., Ltd. and began to innovate its own fabrics and textiles. It is located in Qingshui District, Taichung City. Over the years, the experienced R&D department has launched a variety of patented textiles around the world.
  • In June, 2004, it has officially become a supplier of world-renowned sports brands. When ordering textiles manufactured by Fone Tai Enterprise, customers trust the quality and expertise of Fone Tai Enterprise.
  • In May, 2008, due to the expansion of business needs, and in order to effectively enhance the overall operational efficiency, the company expanded the scale of operations, and began to vertically integrate the production line to establish its own dyeing plant.
  • Proudly apply more than 30 years of experiences and dyeing and finishing ability to meet customer's needs, and is committed to the excellence of innovative textiles.