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Flame Retardant

       These products are made of fire-retardant chemicals, fire-retardant coatings, etc., and fire-retardant materials have been developed. It is used in applications such as fireproof seats, gloves, work aprons, home furnishings, etc. It can prevent the damage from contact with heat sources and avoid fire source triggering, effectively blocking the spread of fire. Appropriate protection for workers with high-risk heat sources.


Waterproof & Water Repellent

       In response to the global environmental protection policy, Fone Tai provides waterproof, water repellent and non-wicking material, using  fluorine-free waterproof processing technology. It also produces TPU waterproof and moisture permeable membrane materials. The above related products can be applied to: waterproof windbreaker, umbrella, raincoat, etc.